Friday, August 18, 2006

More vacation-period pics

     And (nearly) all of them feature the baby. I know most of you would be disappointed if it were otherwise. At least if they were of me. You seem to like pics of Tiff, too, so I'm basically safe, but the impression I get is that they better feature one or the other (or both).
     At least, that's the impression I get. I'll shut up now and get to the pics.

07/26/2006 - Look! I have extra ears! You never know when something like that will come in handy! Posted by Picasa

07/28/2006 - I think I want to be a dentist. Posted by Picasa

07/28/2006 - What do you mean I'm too small to be a dentist? Posted by Picasa

07/28/2006 - I must hold Daddy down. Can't let him float away! Posted by Picasa

08/04/2006 - Look at me! I'm in a BOX!! Is that cool or what?! Posted by Picasa

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