Friday, February 04, 2011

Home Education Needs:

Occasionally Family asks what they can get Skip and Betsy for holidays and such. Well here goes.
Pencil sharpener. I would prefer an old-fashioned many-sized metal one but have been unable to find one. I don't want an electric one because both the kiddos are bent on self destruction and would find some way to off themselves. They will still try to find a way but I don't want to make things easy on them.
That's all for now. I will edit to add or subtract as needed.
big heart and GOD bless,


MIL said...

Please Tiff, I believe that what we say (over and over) is what we get. Bless your children, and not curse them with your words. That goes for you, too. Don't keep claiming ADD for will surely keep it if you do. And don't call the children monsters and you and Pat insane. Do some studying in the Word and you will see. I love you all and want only the best for you.

Tiffany said...

The whole Monter bit is a GAme we play. We are tickle monsters and sometimes Miss B is a chocolate Monster. I am sorry If you don't understand this game. I do agree with you that what you say about your children effects them. I refuse to allow "Bad, Boy!" or that type of thing, But so no problem ackknoledging that my kids are very energetic and curious and not a little bit Kluttsy. My veiw of ADD has never been a bad thing. I was raised thinking that I was intelligent, creative, energetic and fun. Maybe you(as will as most of America) needs to stop listening to those who insist on any difference in learning as a bad thing instead of a GOD given ability to think outside of the box! There SHOULD be a place for every child to learn the way THEY learn and not be squished into a hole they just aren't comfotable. I was diagnosed by a DOCTOR with ADD. I refused to treat that like it is a bad thing and I refuse to let you treat it that way. I refuse to let you call me or anybody else who think differently as damaged because of this! The only reason I called Pat and I insane is because of frustraintion with your son about the finances. I even defined the term by quoting Einstine. I spend at least 30 minutes reading the Bible a day. I wish It could be more but at this point in my life I am blessed to have that. It is also a daily part of our homeschool day.I have told you and told you this stuff. This is it.
I think In this case you are being a bit nitpicky and I feel offended by your constant cristisms. I love you and I am sorry that you can't love me the way I am.
God Bless,

MIL said...

Goodness sake, Tiffany! How did you get all that out of what I said? You know I love you just the way you are.

Sue said...

I have a pencil sharpener coming. It is the kind you screws to a desk or counter. I would rather it screw to the wall or the side of a shelf, but it is what it is.